MEORGA MSR-Spezialmesse Chemiedreieck

Mi, 10.04.2019

08:00-16:00 Uhr

Halle Messe, Messestraße 10, 06116 Halle (Saale)

MEORGA MSR-Spezialmesse Nord

Mi, 19.06.2019

08:00-16:00 Uhr

MesseHalle, Modering 1 a, 22457 Hamburg-Schnelsen

MEORGA MSR-Spezialmesse Südwest

MI, 18.09.2019 08:00-16:00 Uhr Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Erzbergerstr. 89, 67063 Ludwigshafen

MEORGA MSR-Spezialmesse Südost

Mi, 23.10.2019

08:00-16:00 Uhr

Sparkassen-Arena, Niedermayerstr. 100, 84036 Landshut

About us

EPC was founded in 1993 and up to 2000 operated solely as a trading house for the export of industrial valves and components mainly to the former east european countries.

1998 we started with the development of a special control valve. In the year 2000 EPC introduced its own newly developed control valve Varibell , which bases on a unique concept. EPC started to build up the Austrian home market.

At the moment about 90 % of our turnover consists of projects within the European Community. The remaining business volume are exports to countries which don't belong to the European Community and oversea projects.

Meanwhile EPC holds a fair share of the Austrian market in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paper, pulp and steel industry with its own brand valve Varibell .

To complete the product range, EPC also distributes complementary valves and components from other manufacturers.

Why Varibell

Varibell® is a rotary quarter turn valve. The regulating element is a bell shaped plug, featuring tear drop shaped apertures machined into both inlet and outlet but laterally reversed. During opening, this plug rotates and simultaneously uncovers the two tear drop apertures giving fine flow adjustment with a 2 stage pressure reduction across both seats.

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